A Very English Scandal


I was alive at the time of the events described in this book, but I didn’t pay much attention. So it’s good to understand, at last, just what was going on. And this compulsively readable story goes into all kinds of fascinating details about all the characters. Reviewers who said it reads like a thriller seem to have it just right.

But then there are the reviewers who also describe it as ‘darkly funny’. It’s a phrase that pops up from time to time and I never, EVER get it. The characters involved in this tale of unbridled ambition and attempted murder are chaotic, impulsive, selfish, deluded, greedy, grasping and, sometimes, close to suicide. What in the name of all that’s holy could remotely be considered ‘funny’ about any of that? It’s like laughing at a car crash.

Okay. Rant over. I’ll just say I liked this book. A lot. And that if you go out and buy for it a laugh, you may well be in for a shock.

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