The Lie Tree

I was intrigued by the title, expecting some dark fantasy, but got caught up in the plight of a girl in Victorian times, when females were destined – by law and society – for nothing more than marriage.

The story revolves around a mysterious plant that feeds on lies. It’s the key to a tale of deception and murder, a murder that 14-year-old Faith Sunderley is determined to bring to light. Yet while the mystery/fantasy element is definitely exciting enough, what I loved most were the descriptions of a world in which men took their superiority for granted and dismissed any sign of intelligence or initiative in females as an amusing little blip in individuals marked for domesticity.

Frances Hardinge brings this all so vividly to life that it’s better than any history lesson. Reading it makes you feel every moment of her frustration, and revel in every little moment of victory.

This is a great book.

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