Tuesdays Are Just As Bad

Teenage Adam fails to kill himself and wakes up in hospital to find that he has a ghost: his own dark thoughts now given voice. And it’s the ghost who narrates this story, observing Adam’s return to school, his struggles with bullies, with new friends, and in particular with Aoife, a Goth girl he begins to write stories with.

If this makes the book sound like a recipe for the reader’s suicide, it most definitely is NOT. It’s a touching, tender story that gets to the heart of being a teenager without the aid of melodrama – okay, there’s one fight, but it’s over in a page – or vampires or trips to Amsterdam to visit a reclusive author.

These kids go to school, stand around outside Lidl, crack jokes and make up stories. I was a teenager a L-O-N-G time ago now, but reading this brought those years rushing back so vividly. It’s a terrific book and, as far as I can tell, Cethan Leahy’s first. I hope there are many more.

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